Best money saving guide for Students: 50+ money saving tips

Here's how to save money as a student

Posted March 24, 2014 by Student Profit Staff

It’s the ultimate money saving guide for Students: Here’s 50 easy ways to save money in 2014 that anyone can follow!

Train Tickets


– Learn the best ways to drive more economically to spend less on petrol.
– Cut your car insurance premium with 13 cheap car insurance tips for young drivers.
– Be sure to always compare car insurance for the cheapest deal
– Get away for cheaper this year with the student guide to travelling on a budget.
– Learn the highway code to avoid fines from traffic wardens and the Police… and fight unfair ones – don’t just pay up!
– Cut the amount you spend on rail fare with our ultimate tips to cheaper train tickets.
– Or just forget about trains completely and opt for the coach with Megabus
– Read our 5 ways to save more money on transport.
– Plan ahead: From petrol to loo breaks, plan your journey to make sure you don’t have to pay extra when you’re caught out.
– Find out how to get chepa flights



– Follow our basic guide to cheaper shopping in supermarkets.
– Watch out for the supermarket’s dirty tactics
– Don’t be fooled by pound shops, you may be getting ripped off!
– Use cashback websites like QuidCo to get money back when you buy
– Make use of comparison websites like MySupermarket to see which store has the best offers and will be the cheapest – it may change every week!
– Try downshifting supermarkets and looking in the likes of Aldi and Lidl for bargains
– Be careful of being tricked by big red labels for offers that really exist (“£1.25 each or 2 for £2.50!”)



Ditch the gym and stay fit by working out at home.
– Avoid losing your house or flat deposit with our top tips.
– Make use of our cheap nights out guide to avoid paying over the odds when drinking.
– Get some ideas for a night out on a budget that you’ve probably never thought of.
– Cut back on smoking and drinking. We know it’s easy to say but it’s simply one of the best ways to save LOTS of money.
– Spend nothing by going to watch TV shows being filmed.
– Buy non-brand medication when it comes to things like paracetamol: There’s no difference in the active ingredients compared to the tablets that come in the glossy packets!
– Avoid cash machines that charge you to take out your money. Free ones are usually found in supermarkets or banks.
– Make friends with your neighbours: You may not know when you need to call on them to borrow something.


Food and drink

Save money cooking with our top cooking tips.
– Save even more money cooking by getting some super cheap student recipes.
– Make sure you don’t end up double tipping in restaurants: This is leaving a tip when a service charge has already been added to your bill.
– If you’re off to the cinema then bring your own food along (or buy it from a nearby shop) rather than buy it there..
– Keep your grub tasting nicer for longer by following some simple and surprising ways to make food last longer
– Avoid pre-packaged and ready to eat food and make yourself a packed lunch instead!
– See our 8 cheap and basic student kitchen cupboard essentials

Student Finance 2014


Save money on textbooks by following our killer how-to guide.
– Be sure to remember what to bring to Uni (so you can pinch it from home for free!)
– Attend freshers events for plenty of freebies from pens to chocolate – grab as much as your hands allow!



– Ditch expensive paid software for free and open source alternatives
– Avoid making costly calls on your phone by using VoIP software like Skype, especially for long distance chats.
– Download some of the best money saving apps for your phone.
– Find the cheapest MP3 price with the TuneChecker app.
– Use websites such as SayNoTo8700 to bypass costly premium rate phone lines for companies.
– Ditch the Sky for Netflix: And if you get rid of your TV completely you can even ditch the TV licence cost.
– Don’t bother with a landline no one knows the number to, just use your mobiles!

Council Tax Bill


– Keep your heating bill under control with these energy saving tips.
– Don’t be afraid of doing some negotiation: See the best companies to haggle with for a cheaper price.
– Keep a regular eye on your bank balance, going overdrawn can see you be charged by your bank
– Make sure you’re not paying council tax – you don’t need to!
– Read our 8 ways to cutting your utility bills
– Save cash by switching companies: It doesn’t pay to be loyal!
– Get a partial refund on your TV license.
– Make sure you pay on time to avoid incurring late fees and interest charges
– Where possible pay on debit rather than credit card, as companies may charge an additional fee for processing the latter.

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