Save money on drinking: 7 easy steps to a cheap night out

Posted September 18, 2014 by Student Profit Staff

A night out drinking and dancing, often followed by even more drinking, is usually everything that student life is about – especially during Freshers’ week – but it can get very expensive.

Especially once Freshers is over with and you realise you’ve blown all your student loans and grants in just a month, how do you go out? Here’s out guide to still enjoying yourself on the cheap…

Ultra cheap pre-drinking

Pre-drinking is the basic money saving tactic for a night out: Start drinking before you even leave with some bargain booze from the local supermarket. Pick up whatever is cheap and/or on offer! You’ll find some real cheap buys at Aldi and Lidl right now.

Get in for free

Save money on the door of you favourite night clubs by getting there early or on quieter nights. Most places will allow free entry on certain days and at certain times and often the drinks will be cheaper too.

If you don’t fancy an early night, make sure to see if you can add your name to the guest list for free or reduced entry, remember that every saving can mean an extra drink!

Avoid a taxi home

Taxis are expensive especially in the early hours of the weekends so avoid them if you can and walk (if safe) or take the bus, which usually have cheaper night fares. If you do get a taxi put in as many people as you can to lower the amount you each pay and also look out for student deals with local firms.

Try somewhere different

Chances are you have a favourite or regular club you go to weekly but it may not be the best or cheapest. TRY SOMETHING NEW! In most student cities, such as at our HQ in Brighton, there are literally hundreds of places to enjoy a drink so look around and see what you find: Don’t let names, reputation or looks put you off from at least giving somewhere else a go.

Take advantage of drink deals

Special deals may not necessarily mean you get your favourite drink but they’ll probably be the cheapest way for you to get drunk and have fun on a budget once in a club.

Also compare prices: While still at least reasonably sober have a look at the drinks menu in any bar and see what costs what, similar drinks may have very different prices and some select mixes many be prohibitively expensive. Find out what’s nice and cheap and stick with it!

Get the drinks in early

Many bars and clubs will rise prices of drinks as the night goes on with midnight being a popular cutoff point between early deals and expensive price hikes. Drink early and take advantage of the cheaper prices.

Get to know someone

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The ultimate way to a cheaper night out is to get a pal on the inside whether they’re bar staff, a doorman or even a DJ. Having a friend who can get you freebies, extra shots or cheaper drinks is an easy way to save some money.


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