Cheap flights: How to get cheaper flights this holiday season

Posted April 3, 2014 by Student Profit Staff

It’s officially summer so it’s time to get away… on a tight budget! Here are our killer tips to grabbing yourself some cheap flights this holiday season.

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Be flexible

The best way to get the cheapest flights is to be flexible with your dates as prices will go up and down depending on just when you fly out. There’s the obvious: That summer months will cost more, but even what day and time you fly out will see dramatic changes in price. Generally late night and early morning flights will be cheaper, while those midweek or Sundays will also cost less.


Going on from the above, find the cheapest flights by comparing using tools like Opodo. Give it a destination and it’ll find you the quickest and cheapest route there.

Book in advance

The more in advance you book the cheaper you can generally get tickets for. Airline offers are usually put out months in advance of the actual flights so book long before you even think about packing.

…or at the last minute

On the other hand, if you’re looking to just get away for a day or two then leave it to the last minute to pick up some shocking cheap tickets. This obviously isn’t a good idea if you’ve actually got a strict schedule but if you just want a short break you can easily fly out to Europe and back for less than £50.

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Beware of extras

From taxes and baggage to booking and credit card fees: Airlines are notorious for adding in extras. With budget airlines you’ll probably have to pay for everything beyond a spot in the plane so take that into account when comparing prices. When booking, especially online, make sure that no sneaky tactics are being used to increase your price by adding on extras you don’t want or need.

Don’t go direct

A tip really for more long haul flights rather than short hops: Try looking at connecting flights rather than going direct from A to B. No different to ‘splitting the fare’ on train tickets, it can work out a lot cheaper this way although your journey may be significantly longer.

Try one-way trips

No, we’re not suggesting just buying the one ticket here! Rather buy two one-way tickets there and back rather than a return. Many airlines entice you with cheap one-way deals knowing that few people rarely actually make use of them. You can also get yourselves an even cheaper flight by switching airlines or even airports between your outward and return leg: Most big cities have more than one airport to fly to and from!

Get group discounts

If lots of you are going looking into booking as a group for a discount rather than each getting your own ticket. It’ll make organisation a lot more easier too!