Save Money on transport: Five tips to save cash when travelling

Posted May 30, 2013 by Student Profit Staff

We all to travel, whether it’s on a holiday, to work or just to get back home, and here are five ways to save money while getting from A to B.

Take the coach instead of the train

There are no a number of cheap coach services available across the UK and almost all of them will offer a students discounts on there already competitively cheap rates. Taking the coach even over short distances may prove cheaper than a train ride, especially if you’re booking at the last minute.

Book in advance

In general, the earlier you but the cheaper you the less you have to pay. This is especially true with trains, where you can easily save hundreds of pounds by booking early.

Fly cheaply

If you are travelling a fair distance, it may be worth looking into flying. If you are taking nothing more than hand luggage, a flight on a low cost airline could prove cheaper than a train or coach journey, not to mention a lot quicker.

Of course, make sure you read any small or fine print and be sure not to forget anything, low cost airlines make a lot of their money through charging for additional extras such as hold luggage or printed tickets.

Get student discounts

Almost all travel companies will offer a student discount of some kind so make sure you take advantage of it. Even if it’s a one off trip and you may never use the discount card again, if it’s free you might as well cash in!

Save on petrol

If you are driving then there are multiple ways to reduce the amounts and cost of fuel you go through, from the pumps to your driving.

Read our save money on petrol guide for more tips.