Student Grants 2015: Guide to what you can get – and don’t have to pay back

Posted January 1, 2014 by Student Profit Staff

Student Finance 2014 begins applications soon and with that in mind we’ve put together a guide of the grants you can get.

Available from a variety of sources, from the Student Loans Company to your University directly, these funds are paid without any requirement to pay them back in future, as opposed to your tuition loan and maintenance loan (if applicable).

As one might imagine, the Student Finance 2014 grants are typically reserved to those on lower family incomes or who might otherwise be unable to attend University due to the costs involved.

The Maintenance Grant

The bread and butter of the grants, the Maintenance Grant from the Student Loans Company is applied for alongside your main tuition loan.

The amount paid is on a sliding scale based on your household income, with the full amount (around £3,000) for those with an income under £25,000 up to nothing beyond an income of £42,000. Paid in three separate instalments, the Maintenance Grant is sent directly into your bank account.

Other than the household income restrictions, the Maintenance grant is only available for British citizen’s who have lived in the UK for the last three years.

Special Support Grant

The special support grant is issued to students with ‘unusual’ personal circumstances, as far as students go.

The grant is available to those who – for example – are on benefits, single parents, carers or aged over 60.

Applied online through the the Student Loans company, the amount will vary depending on your household income much like the Maintenance grant, up to a maximum of around £3,500.

Disabled Students Allowance

The Disabled Students Allowance is a grant that will provide help for the costs of any extra support you need throughout your degree as a direct result of your disability. The exact amount will vary depending on your personal circumstances, but the grant will help for things such as specialist equipment, non-medical helpers, extra travel costs and any other expenses.

However, the grant can not be used to pay for anything that any other student will have to, such as books or stationary.

To apply, fill out the forms on

Access to Learning fund

The Access to Learning fund is available to students studying or about to start studying at both Universities and Colleges in England only.

Intended to help those who find themselves in financial hardship or difficulty, the Access to Learning fund can help students with young children, mature students, disabled students, student carers and students who find themselves homeless.

You apply via your own University or College, who will also decide how much to award you and the terms: While generally given as grants which do not need to be paid back, the Access to Learning fund may also issue loans which will need to be repaid.