Make money online quickly with gig websites

Posted May 30, 2013 by Student Profit Staff

Making my online needn’t require any particular skill and gig sites like Fiverr allow you to turn your spare time into cash, even if it is five dollars at a time.

The website is similar to many freelancer marketplaces that we discussed previously, with one addition: it’s not just for talented skills.

While all the usual freelance work activities such as writing, graphic illustration, web design and programming are all available, Fiverr goes one step further and allows its users to offer any service they can dream of (with some obvious exceptions).

Sellers can pitch their service – known in as a gig on the website – to buyers who can also request services they need to be fulfilled.

Top-rated and the biggest sinners can easily rake thousands of pounds a month, so it’s not just for small change.

Here are our top tips on making the most out of it…

Show examples!

As with anything online, there is an element of trust at first so make sure to show potential buyers what you can do by having plenty of examples of your work on display, links to previously completed projects and similar.

Work the upsell

While at the basic principle of Fiverr is that all services cost five dollars, sellers are free to add extra services for more money. These may include things such as faster delivery or special extras, and you charge more than $5 for these. Find ways to add value to your work and cash in.

Find a niche

All marketplace sites, including Fiverr, are full of the typical sellers offering services such as Web design. Create a niche matter how bizarre it may seem, you may be surprised at the amount of people willing to pay for it.

Some examples include advertising on on the street dressed up as a banana and yelling out slogans followed by front flips. Use your imagination!

Cashout ASAP

As with any online service, the money isn’t yours until it’s in your bank or in your hand. Cash out as soon as you get the chance to keep your profit secure.


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