Student summer jobs 2016: 7 ideas for student work this summer

Posted May 17, 2016 by Student Profit Staff

The long summer break is here… it’s perhaps time to think about getting a job to pay for all those late nights out.

And with news that students could leave university with over £50,000 worth of debt, a summer job is becoming more of a necessity.

Student Jobs

So, what options are out there?

Café or bar work

The food and hospitality industry is ideal for the summer student. It peaks in summer when kids are off school, so businesses are usually looking to recruit extra staff. An added advantage is that, if you do well, you could be offered an ongoing role during term-time.


Not a reliable form of income but can be great for an instant cash boost. You can easily pick up event work from being a steward at a marathon to serving drinks at a VIP parties. Find out more here

Charity fundraising

Yes, you can get paid to fundraise for charity, the idea being that you’ll bring in more money than your wages. If you think you’ve got what it takes, check out Wesser for job opportunities.

Office work

Whilst many office-based businesses look to recruit long-term full time employees, there are openings for taking on summer staff during busy periods, particularly when other employees will be on annual leave. If you are studying a vocational course such as law, experience of working within the industry will assist your chances of finding a job on graduation.

Retail worker

A summer job in retail can offer you the chance to develop your people-skills, which will enhance your CV. There are also management training schemes available within this sector so a summer job could provide you with enviable experience to put on a future application form.

Asda shop


If you’ve had experience as a baby-sitter or you’re doing a teaching course, then a summer job in childcare could be for you. This could include not just childminding, but working on a summer camp or holiday scheme. There’s even the chance to work abroad! If you like kids, such work can be both fun and rewarding.


While this may appear dull, repetitive work, it does have distinct advantages: it gets you fit and it often has flexible hours so it can fit around your studies. Just fire up your ipod and effectively get paid for going for a walk!

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