Student Finance Deadline 2016: This year’s all important Student Finance deadlines for 2016/2017

Posted March 23, 2016 by Student Profit Staff

It’s time to fill in those Student Finance 2016 and here’s those all important deadlines and dates you need to know about.

The applications for Student Finance for 2016 opened in February with deadlines in May and June. Do it early and save the stress! You don’t need to know which University you’re going to go but you’ll probably need some weeks to dig out all the documents needed to apply anyway.

What is the Student Finance deadline for 2016?

The 2016 Student Finance deadline will depend on whether you’re beginning a new course or continuing a course.

For new students in 2016…

New students must get their applications completed by the deadline which for 2016 is 27 May. Note that this is the deadline for you to file your application online, not for you to have your application assessed.

For returning students in 2016…

Returning students tend to have just under a month longer with the deadline for 2016 on 24 June.

Student Finance 2016 changes

Remember it’s all change this year. If you’re starting a course (i.e. A new student going to University from September 2016) you’ll be caught up in it all: Grants are no more and have instead been merged into the maintenance loan.

If you’re a continuing student however you don’t need to worry, you’ll still be able to apply for a grant as in previous years.

Do it all online

New or continuing student, you can apply and re-apply for Student Finance 2016 via the Student Finance England website available from

Missed the deadline?


If you’ve missed either the above deadlines don’t worry just yet. Those deadlines are only the dates for guaranteeing that you’ll get your application sorted in time for the start of your studies.

The ultimate deadline for applying is 9 months AFTER the start of the academic year, although of course you’ll have to pay your own way until you application is assessed and sorted.


  • Jade Huntington

    my application status says ‘ application submitted ‘ , this is due to me sending household income forms via post… does this mean ive hit the deadline already? even if my profile says i still have things to do (via proccessing time)

    • AllureHairExtensions

      Yes you have submitted on time but must send supporting evidence asap to avoid release date of funds delays