5 reasons to ditch your telly for Netflix

Posted November 18, 2014 by Student Profit Staff

Even without the likes of Sky, having a TV can be expensive: Here’s five reasons why you should consider ditching your TV altogether in favour of Netflix.

TV Licence

You can ditch your TV licence

Netflix paves the way for you to get rid of your TV license, as long as you make sure you don’t have any equipment capable to watching or recording TV as its broadcast, such as a Freeview box. You’ll still be able to catch up on shows online via iPlayer and similar even without a licence, so don’t worry about missing your favourite BBC shows.


No storage woes

You can get rid of your DVD collection and not have to worry about finding somewhere to store them – and then dig out the one you want – with it all being available online and easily searchable.



Seriously. From old BBC comedy telly series to some of the latest movies, often before they’re available on Sky TV or even to buy in shops. Plus, Netflix is now hosting more and more exclusives including original series, such as Orange Is The New Black.

netflix phone

Watch almost anywhere

You can’t take your telly out of the house but you can watch Netflix on your phone, tablet, PS3, laptop, desktop: If it has an internet connection, there’s probably a way to watch Netflix on it.


Super cheap

Netflix costs just £6.99 a month. That’s it. The CHEAPEST Sky TV package is £21.50 a month, while Virgin Media’s is £16. Plus, there’s no contract allowing you to cancel and renew whenever you feel like it.