Don’t get caught out! Top things you MUST take to Uni… that most forget!

Posted February 20, 2014 by Student Profit Staff

You’d be surprised what some people forget to pack for their trip to University so here’s the top things you MUST remember.

Planning in advance means you don’t have to fork out more than you have to at the first shop you see and of course you can try and pinch it from home for free!

(Enough) Underwear

Seriously: Pack pretty much all you have, then go buy some more and pack that too. You’ll be surprised how much you get through and if you’re unlucky enough not to have a washing machine (and even then), how long you’ll put off cleaning it.

Winter clothes

Bizarre as it sounds, many students completely forget about the winter as they head off to Uni in the relative summer heat at the end of August, especially those coming to study from abroad. You may not want to pack that woolen winter jumper from your gran now but come the middle of December you might wish you had. And remember an umbrella too, this is the UK!

A pack of cards

At just a few pence, a pack of cards will go a long, long way. From a challenging game of solitaire to the drunkenness that ensues from Ring of Fire, you won’t regret this purchase… well, maybe in the morning.

Air freshener

You’ll need it. Sooner or Later. It may not be your fault, but you’ll need it. Trust us.

An extension lead

Even if you’ve got enough plugs in your room for now it’s always handy to have one around.

First aid supplies

You don’t want to head of to Uni planning for your inevitable downfall but it’ll probably happen sooner rather than later unfortunately. You don’t need to pack as if going out to war but at least some plasters and pain killers.

A torch

Even a small hand powered torch from the pound shop will do in those times of need.

Bottle and tin opener

So you’ve got enough the booze to last for freshers week but nothing to open it with? Make sure you pack a bottle opener, corkscrew and tin opener (bonus points for a all-in-one gadget) and you’ll be the most popular person in your flat if no one else bothered.

The things you can’t replace

passport 3
That’s all the boring bits of paperwork: Passport, photo ID, letters, etc. Okay, they can be replaced eventually but it’s time consuming and ruddy expensive: over £70 for a passport and £20 for a driving license, although that may be cheaper than a train ticket back home.