8 simple and easy ways to cut time and money cooking

Posted February 17, 2014 by Student Profit Staff

Food is expensive and unfortunately isn’t getting any cheaper (have you seen how much a Freddo bar costs nowadays?) so here’s some perhaps surprising ways to cut your time and money in the kitchen.

Use foil

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Baking foil is dirt cheap so grab some from the pound shop and make good use of it! Cover your baking trays in it to avoid having to clean up as often and use them as plates for things like baked potatoes.

Get some toastie bags

toaster bags
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Don’t even think of buying that sandwich toaster that you’ll probably never use after one week. Buy some much cheaper disposable toastie bags which you can quickly and cleanly slip into your toaster without the need to clean. And again, there’s no need for a plate as you can nibble on your snack right from the packet… just let it cool down first!

Don’t (always) bother with peeling

Peeling can be painstaking and often ends up in a lot of mess and cut fingers, so don’t bother if you don’t have to. Root veg like carrots, parsnips and potatoes especially can be just as tasty with the skin on, just make sure you give them a good wash!

The cheese grater box

cheese grater
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Avoid getting bits of cheese litereally everywhere with this nifty gadget, and waste noting by easily store any left overs in the fridge for later!

Buy frozen veg

Frozen veg is generally seen as less healthy than its fresh equivalent but it’s not the case. When frozen veg is cheaper, ready prepared and lasts for much, much longer then it’s a wise choice to keep some in the freezer.

Get used to batch cooking

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Plan and cook your meals in advance using batch cooking. Preparing your future meals will not only save you money and make your future self very thankful, it’ll almost certainly help improve your diet too.

Keep an eye on what’s in the fridge

Cook with what you’ve got by keep an eye on what’s in your fridge and cupboards that may be soon going out of date. If you’re not going to eat it, freeze it if you can or give it away to someone – just don’t leave yourself forced to chuck it out.

Buy a wok

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… and learn how to make a good stir fry. Stir fries are blisteringly quick one-dish meals that, in reality, can include whatever you want. They’re a great way for using up left overs and can be easily scaled up and down for just the one person or the whole flat, size of wok permitting!


  • sheep

    Poundland sell milk in 2-litre bottles, rather than the more usual 4-pints, which is 2.272 litres. The bottles are cleverly-shaped to appear to be about the same size as a 4-pint bottle, for which all the big supermarkets now charge one pound, so you’re actually getting less milk for your money in Poundland. DIY-type stuff is also often worse value in pound shops than in the major DIY chains (Screwfix, Toolstation), thanks to smaller pack sizes.