Save money on MP3s with music comparison site TuneChecker

Posted June 14, 2013 by Student Profit Staff


Here’s a quick money saving resource that can help you save a few quid here and there.

While MP3s are hardly the most expensive of things, generally priced around 99p each, shopping around can still get some big discounts.

Rivals to iTunes such as Amazon’s MP3 store and 7Digital are often cheaper, and sometimes substantially so – a 59p MP3 is a rather large 40% discount from one priced 99p.

Fortunately there’s a rather handy website called Tune Checker which will give you the cheapest price for the song or album you want, including pointing out special promotions.

Just head over to Tune Checker, plug in the song name, album or artist and see which retailer has the best offer!