Do students need a TV licence? Loophole may save you £145 a year

TV licence loophole can save you money

Posted July 27, 2015 by Student Profit Staff

Here’s all you need to know about getting a TV licence as a student and how a ‘loophole’ could mean you DON’T need one.

TV Licence

Do students need a TV licence?

If you watch OR record TV as its broadcast then yes, you need a TV licence. It doesn’t matter if you watch live via a TV or online, via a laptop, phone or other device.

You only need one licence per house so you can split the cost with your housemates. Some landlords may be extra nice and cover the price of the TV licence for you in your rent, so check before splashing out needless cash!

In halls and dorms, slightly different rules might apply so you should contact whoever manages the halls.

TV Licence loophole

If you don’t watch or record TV shows you do NOT need a TV licence, simple as. As long as you only watch TV shows after they’re broadcast, even if via the BBC iPlayer, then you can save the cost of a TV licence.

TV licence refund

If you no longer need a TV licence you can get a partial refund for any time remaining.

This is especially useful for students who may go back home over summer, meaning you can get up to 25% back in your wallet.

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