Cheap Young Driver Car Insurance: Our top tips to make savings

Posted April 1, 2013 by Student Profit Staff

Car speedo

Saving money on car insurance for young drivers, especially guys, is a tough challenge, but here are our top tips.

Unfortunately we’ll start with a blunt warning: Car insurance right now is expensive and for young drivers it always will be. While this guide will help and save you a few a hundred pounds, you should count yourself lucky if you get a quote below £1,000 for your first year!

Start with the car

If you’ve yet to buy your car then make sure you take in account insurance when purchasing.

Car A may be slightly cheaper than Car B, but will it cost twice as much – or even more – to insure?

Ask dealers and do your research into the make and model and how insurers will view that car, and you’ll be surprised.

Insurance groups aren’t always straight forward, with risk factors applied on a variety of different levels. For example, you may find a Skoda Octavia has a much lower insurance risk associated with it than a similar specced VW Golf, even though they’re made by the same company (perhaps in the same factory and even by the same workers).

Don’t make assumptions

The biggest (incorrect) assumption that is made is that Third Party cover is always cheaper than Comprehensive cover, something which is quite often not the case. After all, the biggest you pose as a new driver isn’t so much to yourself but to other road users.

Another myth that some people believe is that a more expensive car will cost more to insure, which is not necessarily true at all.

Similarly, a bigger engine size doesn’t always mean a higher insurance group either.

Take notes of any makes and models you are considering purchasing and get some ‘dummy’ quotes using services like GoCompare.

Start with price comparison sites

Price Comparison websites such as GoCompare should only be the start. Use them simply as a guide to which companies are providing you with the cheapest quotes.

Try lesser known websites such as Tesco Compare and see who can offer the best deal.

But don’t forget the companies that these websites miss out, with Direct Line and Aviva being two big ones.


Go direct and haggle

Once you have an idea of the cheaper quotes, phone up the companies and try to see if there’s anything that will get your price down.

You don’t necessarily need to be brazen and ask outright for them to knock a few quid off, but question them on any special deals or discounts available.

Even if you don’t get any discounts, you may be able to get a free hire car, breakdown or legal cover thrown in for no extra cost.

If your parents, siblings or anyone else in your house hold has a policy then look into multicar discounts from the same company.

Read the small print

It can be tempting to just go with the cheapest deal, but pay close attention to what’s included and – more importantly – what’s not.

Things like Windshield cover, hire cars and recovery fees are particular areas to pay attention too.

Having your first accident is bad enough without having to worry about expensive recovery costs.