Is your laziness in the kitchen seeing you get ripped off?

Posted March 17, 2016 by Student Profit Staff

Buying fruit and veg can end up costing you FOUR TIMES more if you can’t be bothered to put a little effort in.


Whether it’s ready sliced mushrooms, peeled carrots or even halved avocados – which, yes, do actually exist now – your laziness could be seeing you ripped off.

Of course one would expect that prepared veg would cost more but the mark up on some products is often extortionate, a study by Which? magazine has revealed.

The convenience sees some goods costing more than 400% over their unprepared alternatives.

Carrots can cost more than twice as much (60p/kg v £1.50/kg) while broccoli and mushrooms also see big price rises for just having been cut up.

The same goes for spiralised vegetables, including carrots and courgettes, which you make yourself using just a regular old peeler or cheese grater.

Which? said: “Most of us like to think we’re savvy shoppers. But it’s not always easy to compare costs when complex mental arithmetic is required just to weigh up the same product presented in various packet sizes and styles.”

They added: “It’s not only carrots that are more expensive when they are ready-prepared, shaped or sliced – broccoli florets are more than three times the cost of a whole head of broccoli. Even when you discount the weight of the stalk, it’s still a hefty mark-up for a ‘ready-to-cook’ label.

“And you could be paying up to an extra £1 per kg just for the convenience of having pre-sliced mushrooms.”