Christmas 2015 on a budget: Save money without being a Scrooge!

Posted December 9, 2015 by Student Profit Staff

Christmas is on its way and here are some ways to save cash and what is one of the most expensive times of the year.

This isn’t about being a Scrooge, simply making the most of your money during the festive period.

Start saving early

If your budget isn’t super tight, put a little money away each week in the run up to Christmas. £10-15 a week from September will leave you with more than £200 come the big day.

Get cashback

Use cashback websites like QuidCo to get money back online when buying gifts, food and other Xmas essentials.

Buy early!

A lot Christmas stuff you can buy months before the festivities began at a much cheaper price. If you want to start REALLY early, pick up bargains in the January sales from the previous year’s leftover Christmas stock that shops are trying to shift.

Travel on the cheap

Book in advance to get home on the cheap to see friends and family, and remember you can get train tickets for less than £1. Alternatively, try car sharing with the BlaBlaCar website or get the coach.

christmas budget dinner student 7

The £10 Christmas roast

Get a full Christmas dinner for less than a tenner with this ultimate student Christmas dinner recipe with chicken, veg and trimmings for 4-6 people at just over £9. A bargain!

christmas decorations

Make home made decorations

Make decorations yourself: It’s creative and more fun, honest! Check out Pinterest for countless ideas

Get cheap (but awesome!) presents

If you’re stuck for gift ideas or have left it to the last minute, check our Christmas gift ideas for cheap but awesome inspiration.