20 Quick and easy ways to save money

Posted June 12, 2013 by Student Profit Staff

Here’s a quick run down of twenty easy ways to save a bit of extra cash in every day life, and ones that won’t require that much effort!

1. Save money on petrol
We’ve got plenty of tips on how to save money on petrol, or save even more by just walking!

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3. Rent free DVDs from your University library
You’ll perhaps be surprised at what your University’s Library DVD collection includes!

4. Always ask for a discount
If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

5. Ditch your phone (calls)
Use Skype or other VoIP apps on your phone, tablet and computer to communicate, in favour of a phone contract. Apps like iMessage can also be used to ditch the need for texts, too.

6. Use cash back sites
If shopping online, be sure to check out our guide to the best cashback sites

7. Shop around
Never accept the first price you see, make use of the internet and your phone to look to see if you can get a better deal, and if you can, ask if it can be undercut!

8. Take a packed lunch
Ditch the pre-made sandwiches from the Union shop and make your own: They’ll taste better, be healthier and save you cash!


9. Use free software
Universities often have access to plenty of software for free or at hugely discounted rates, especially if you’re studying a course such as Computer Science. Alternatively, replace apps like Microsoft Office with Libre Office.

10. Make your own meals
Making your own meals is not only a lot healthier, it’s cheaper and easier, plus it’ll save you the extra expense of getting to the supermarket!

11. Don’t get caught out
The more you plan the less chance you have of getting caught out, whether it’s petrol, food or the toilet, companies often charge of convenience. Avoid motorway service stations, railway stations and so on where possible, where everything is more expensive.

12. Don’t be loyal
It doesn’t pay to be loyal, especially when it comes to costs like insurance. Whether it’s contents or car, when it comes to renewing, always see what other companies can offer. If you can get a better quote, ask your current provider if they can undercut it, but if they refuse, ditch them and move on!

13. Consider coaches over trains
If you’re making a long journey than opting for a coach or Megabus trip could save a lot of money, especially if it’s on short notice. While slower than a train, coaches are generally a lot more comfortable.

14. Make friends (especially with your neighbours!)
Make friends with everyone, but most importantly your neighbours! You may not know when you need to call on them to borrow something.


15. Avoid fines
Don’t get yourself caught parking illegally or speeding, it’s just throwing cash away!

16. Take advantage of freebies
As a student, companies will chuck stuff at you, from pens to chocolate, so grab ’em!

17. Use charity shops
Browse your local charity shops and you’ll be surprised at the goodies you’ll find!

18. Save by buying in bulk and advance
Look at savings you can make when you buy in bulk or in advance, such as subscribing to your favourite magazine rather than buying it every week .

19. Avoid premium rate phone numbers
Use websites such as SayNoTo8700 to bypass costly premium rate phone lines for companies.


20. Use Supermarket comparison websites
Compare your shopping with brilliant sites like MySupermarket, you’ll be surprised at how a few pence on some products quickly adds up!