Make money on your phone with the FieldAgent app

Posted January 15, 2014 by Student Profit Staff

field agent

Here’s a handy way to make a bit of extra cash here and there, and all from your mobile phone.

FieldAgent is an app which pays user to complete various tasks or ‘jobs’.

These can come in various forms such as a variety of surveys – from simple yes/no questions to multiple choice answers – but also may a bit more interesting then form filling: They also include taking photos, checking prices of products in shops or scanning barcodes and QR codes.

Jobs may therefore involve you just needing your phone or taking a trip to the supermarket.

Each user also has a reputation score which starts at 85 for newbies and can go as high as 100. The better you complete the tasks the higher your reputation becomes then the more jobs you are offered!

Jobs pay anywhere between £3 to £6 with withdrawals to a Paypal account at any time: There is minimum limit to reach and no cashout fees to pay.

To get started, download the FieldAgent app now


  • Ross Anderson

    I have just finished doing some beta testing for a site ( It teaches matched betting which is a relatively straight forward way of making money from bookmakers welcome offers. I have used the free offer so far I have not paid for the subscription as yet, has anyone else any experience of using this way of making money?