Make money by selling your old CDs, DVDs and games

Posted August 7, 2015 by Student Profit Staff

You can turn your old CDs, DVDs and Games into cash online and on the high street but just who pays the most?


We looked into three of the most popular places to trade in CDs, DVDs and Games: Music Magpie, Ziffit and CeX to see which pays the highest prices and the results unfortunately weren’t too clear cut.

Picking a 2015 DVD, CD and PS4 game we saw how much each would pay and the offers were consierably varied.

ProductCeXZiffitMusic Magpie
Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 game£26 £13.73 £20
Chappie DVD (2015) £7 £2.76 £2.13
Now That’s What I Call Music 91 Music CD £0.30 £3.87 £3.00

While CeX came on top for both the game and DVD – by some way – it’s offer for the music CD was just 10% that of the other two websites.

The conclusion, as it often is when it comes to both making and saving money, is to spend a bit of time and COMPARE. Enter the brocades of the products you want to get rid of into each of the three websites and see which will pay the most there and then for what you have.

Or sell privately

While ‘Cash for Stuff’ websites provide an easy, guaranteed payment for old products, you can often make a lot more selling on marketplaces, especially if there is great demand and little supply of what you have to sell.

Consider listing products on Gumtree, eBay or the Amazon Marketplace for greater returns. While these websites may charge a fee you can still often make more money although it does require more work. Remember to also include the cost of postage where applicable.

Sell to a pal

Alternatively, sell to a friend. You may get slightly less but passing a tenner between you for a game is trivial and means instant cash in hand.