Get cash from your old mobile phone: Which site pays the most?

Posted June 21, 2013 by Student Profit Staff

Grabbing some cash for your old mobile phone is an easy way to make a few quid from something that’s no doubt lying around in a draw somewhere, but who pays the most?

There are now hundreds of companies offering mobile recycling, including all the big Supermarkets, but the prices they offer vary wildly.

For starters, you’re unlikely to ever get close to the hundreds of pounds often claimed to be given in return for phones, unless you’re sending them a brand new unopened iPhone 5.

But even quite old phones can still fetch a fair bit of spare change, so we ran a few quotes with various phones at various companies.

WebsiteiPhone 5 (2012)Galaxy S (2010)Nokia 2700 (2009)Nokia 3200 (1999)
Top Dollar Mobile£172£37£3.67£0.04
Money For Your Phone£235£44N/AN/A

So what can we tell from this?

First of all, if your phone is older than a few years, it’s probably not really worth the effort, and if it’s even older you’ll probably have to pay them to take it off you.

Second of all, the phone matters more than the age, an old Samsung looks to fetch more than a similarly old Nokia.

As for which company pays the most, in our test, Envirophone was top in two of the four cases, but then O2 did offer much more for our Galaxy.

Supermarkets such as Asda do tend to be rather competitive, but also are a lot more picky, accepting far fewer types of phones.

And only Top Dollar Mobile made us an offer on all four mobiles.

The conclusion? As always, it’s to shop around and never settle on your first offer!