5 unusual ways to make money

Posted February 28, 2013 by Student Profit Staff

We’ve got plenty of ways and tips to make money here on Student Profit, and most of them are obvious and straight forward, be it finding a job or selling your old junk.

But here’s five more unusual ways to make a bit of extra cash in your spare time.

Sell advertising space on your car

Cars cost a lot to run as any one – student or not – will tell you.

Some companies are willing to help you pay at least some of that cost back with advertising.

It’s fairly simple: In return for placing some adverts on the side of your car, you get some cash.

The ads are, naturally, aimed at students and are for local businesses or places, so you’ll be doing your bit to save the highstreet too.

> See UniCarAds

Become a ‘Mechanical Turk’

If you’re really bored then this could be an opportunity to turn that boredom into cash. Not lots of cash, but cash none the less.

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service is set up to match humans with time to spare and companies who want them.

While we live in a more and more automated world, there’s still plenty of things only humans can do and this is where Mechanical Turk comes in.

You’re paid to complete basic tasks as requested, with a few pence in reward. The tasks don’t usually require much effort or time, and the money can quickly build up for an hour’s work.

There are also interesting tasks that companies may want you to do, such as categorising ‘adult literature’ into certain genres. In other words, you’re being paid to watch porn.

> More info at Amazon

Become a TV extra

TV companies are always on the look out for extras, or background artists to give them their proper name.

Your job will be to spend the day in the background of shots of movies, soaps, TV shows and so on.

It pays surprising quite well – up to £100 a day – and is often quite fascinating for anyone who’s interested in TV, Film or media.

Be warned however it can get quite boring, with a lot of waiting around and repeated takes.

> TV Extra jobs at Be On Screen.

Work for a charity

Charities love students and there are quite a few paid jobs with some of the bigger names.

Unfortunately the job is often to stand in the street being the annoying upbeat person who everyone tries to avoid as they bug you for your money.

Companies may pay you a flat rate or pay a commission fee on people you get to sign up to donate a monthly sum.

It’s by far the hardest job on this list and something that will most definitely not suit everyone.

Sell your body

No, we don’t mean like that.

Everyone from big pharmaceutical companies to your fellow students will likely be willing to pay for your time and your body.

Drug testing can earn you thousands, but of course it’s highly risky and often very restricted (no good testing a cure for asthma on someone as fit as a fiddle…)

But there are more reasonable options, especially locally in your own university. Check out your notice boards for other students – generally those writing their dissertations of PhDs – who may want to experiment with you.

Obviously be sure to read exactly what it is expected of you before you agree, but you may be able to bag £20 or so for half an hour’s work.


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